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SATII Math2C-실전반
SATII Math2C-실전반
  판매가격 :   50,000원
  강의상태 :    
  강사명 :   Hayoung Shin
  평균강의시간 :   40분


This series is a supplement to the series on the SAT Mathematics Level 2 Subject Test and uses the same textbook. We will go through the six practice tests at the end of that textbook. This test is much more difficult than the Math section of the SAT, including advanced concepts such as conic sections and matrices that are likely to be unfamiliar to many students. It will also go into greater detail on topics that are already familiar to students, such as trigonometry and probability. It is strongly recommended that the student purchase the reference book:

-  Barron’s SAT Subject Test: Math Level 2, 12th Edition (Part3: 6 Model Tests)



Ha-Young graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a Bachlor's Degree in Mathematics. During his last three years at Columbia, he was a teaching assistant for several undergraduate courses, including Calculus II, Linear Algebra and Topology. He has also privately tutored high school students of varying skill levels both in New York and in his home country of New Zealand, preparing them for mathematics exams and competitions. He has taken a variety of tests and has scored the following: SAT I - Math 800, Critical Reading 800, Writing 800, SAT II - Math II 800, Physics 800, Chemistry 800.


번호 제목 시간 설명 SAMPLE 강의보기
1 Math2C-Test1-1 약 47분
2 Math2C-Test1-2 약 37분
3 Math2C-Test2-1 약 43분
4 Math2C-Test2-2 약 42분
5 Math2C-Test3-1 약 36분
6 Math2C-Test3-2 약 41분
7 Math2C-Test4-1 약 47분
8 Math2C-Test4-2 약 30분
9 Math2C-Test5 약 46분
10 Math2C-Test6 약 51분
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