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SAT1 R&W 문제풀이반
New SAT R+W 문제풀이반
  판매가격 :   250,000원
  강의상태 :    
  강사명 :   Gerardo&Martin
  평균강의시간 :   30분


We will be using the 4 SAT tests from College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide. For each test, the instructor will cover the “Reading” and “Writing and Language Tests”. For each reading passage, the instructor will read through the passage, stopping to explain any difficult or idiomatic terms or phrases, often pausing to give summaries of large chunks of text to establish a firm understanding of the content before moving on. The instructor will then cover the questions, providing a mixture of evidence-based and strategy-based approaches to solving each question. For the Writing and Language test, the instructor will read through each passage and explain various grammar and context rules with respect to each question. It is strongly recommended that the student purchase the reference book or download and print out the tests prior to each video session.

-  College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide ( Free download https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice/full-length-practice-tests ) 



Reading+Writing : Gerardo Tejada

Gerardo graduated from Brown University, where he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in East Asian Studies (Japanese Language Track) and the pre-med course track. He has taught classes ranging from biology and chemistry to parkour and tricking since university, and has been teaching SAT I/II and AP courses since 2010, helping many students along the way better prepare for college. Mr. G—as his students have come to know him—has taken a variety of tests, including, but not limited to, AP Chem 5, AP Bio 5, AP Calculus 5, and Revised GRE 359 (Essay 5/6).


Essay : Martin Silva

Martin Silva (Mr. Martin) graduated from Brown University with a degree in Child & Educational Psychology. He has been teaching SAT I Writing since 2013. He has taken a variety of tests and has scored the following: AP Psychology 5, AP English Language & Composition 5. 



번호 제목 시간 설명 SAMPLE 강의보기
1 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 1-R1 약 24분
2 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 1-R2 약 22분
3 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 1-R3 약 21분
4 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 1-R4 약 24분
5 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 1-R5 약 27분
6 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 1-W1 약 32분
7 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 1-W2 약 29분
8 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 2-R1 약 30분
9 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 2-R2 약 23분
10 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 2-R3 약 21분
11 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 2-R4 약 23분
12 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 2-R5 약 16분
13 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 2-W1 약 33분
14 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 2-W2 약 32분
15 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 3-R1 약 26분
16 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 3-R2 약 19분
17 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 3-R3 약 18분
18 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 3-R4 약 30분
19 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 3-R5 약 24분
20 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 3-W1 약 29분
21 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 3-W2 약 37분
22 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 4-R1 약 21분
23 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 4-R2 약 22분
24 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 4-R3 약 22분
25 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 4-R4 약 30분
26 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 4-R5 약 23분
27 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 4-W1 약 32분
28 New SAT R+W 문제풀이 4-W2 약 31분
29 New SAT Essay Overview 약 48분
30 New SAT Essay1-1 약 29분
31 New SAT Essay1-2 약 37분
32 New SAT Essay2-1 약 20분
33 New SAT Essay2-2 약 27분
34 New SAT Essay3 약 34분
35 New SAT Essay4 약 29분
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