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Power ACT Science&Math
Power ACT Science&Math
  판매가격 :   360,000원
  강의상태 :      
  강사명 :   Steven Park
  평균강의시간 :   40


The Barron's ACT: Math and Science Workbook 2nd Edition will be important for students, so they can review along with a qualified instructor. In mathematics, the instructor will review numerous mathematical concepts & test-taking strategies and also solve sample & end-of-chapter problems. In science, the instructor will reciew passage types, test-taking strategies and end-of-chapter passages. It is strongly recommened that students purchase the reference book (or different editions of the book) in order to enjoy a complete and thorough learning experience.

-  Barron's ACT Math and Science Workbook 2nd Edition by Roselyn Teukolsky M.S. 

Steven Park

Steven graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience and completed pre-med track at Johns Hopkins University. He is currently spending his summer with his family in South Korea before beginning medical school in the United States. He has taught SAT Reading & Math and ACT since college and helped many students improve their scores. He has taken a variety of tests and has scored the following: SAT - Math 800, Critical Reading 740, Writing 780, SAT II Chemistry 760, SAT II Math 800, SAT II World History 780, AP Chemistry 5, AP Calculus 5, AP Bio 5, AP US History 5, AP Spanish Language 4, AP Government/NSL 4, AP English Language 4, and MCAT 37. 

번호 제목 시간 설명 SAMPLE 강의보기
1 Power ACT Science&Math1 약 60분
2 Power ACT Science&Math2-1 약 32분
3 Power ACT Science&Math2-2 약 47분
4 Power ACT Science&Math3 약 25분
5 Power ACT Science&Math4 약 56분
6 Power ACT Science&Math5 약 24분
7 Power ACT Science&Math6-1 약 55분
8 Power ACT Science&Math6-2 약 60분
9 Power ACT Science&Math7 약 27분
10 Power ACT Science&Math8-1 약 60분
11 Power ACT Science&Math8-2 약 47분
12 Power ACT Science&Math9-1 약 23분
13 Power ACT Science&Math9-2 약 35분
14 Power ACT Science&Math10 약 48분
15 Power ACT Science&Math11 약 24분
16 Power ACT Science&Math12-1 약 56분
17 Power ACT Science&Math12-2 약 27분
18 Power ACT Science&Math13 약 28분
19 Power ACT Science&Math14 약 32분
20 Power ACT Science&Math15-1 약 23분
21 Power ACT Science&Math15-2 약 34분
22 Power ACT Science&Math15-3 약 42분
23 Power ACT Science&Math16-1 약 42분
24 Power ACT Science&Math16-2 약 52분
25 Power ACT Science&Math17-1 약 38분
26 Power ACT Science&Math17-2 약 48분
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