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Power ACT English
Power ACT English
  판매가격 :   360,000원
  강의상태 :      
  강사명 :   Zach
  평균강의시간 :   35


The Barron's ACT: English, Reading, and Writing Workbook will be important for students, so they can review along with a qualified instructor. This instructor will review numerous grammatical concepts, reading techniques, and test-taking strategies. Students aiming for a high score across the Reading, English, and Writing sections of the ACT are strongly recommended to purchase this text.

-  Barron's ACT English, Reading, and Writing Workbook 2nd Edition


Zach Sosa

Current: Writing Instructor

Education: Classics, Brown University

Mr. Zach graduated from Brown University with a degree in Classics. He is currently preparing for graduate school. He has been teaching the SAT 1 Writing and Reading sections for one year and counting.

번호 제목 시간 설명 SAMPLE 강의보기
1 Power ACT English1 약 16분
2 Power ACT English2 약 19분
3 Power ACT English3 약 19분
4 Power ACT English4 약 17분
5 Power ACT English5 약 17분
6 Power ACT English6 약 18분
7 Power ACT English7 약 32분
8 Power ACT English8 약 33분
9 Power ACT English9 약 31분
10 Power ACT English10 약 26분
11 Power ACT English11 약 26분
12 Power ACT English12 약 39분
13 Power ACT English13-1 약 39분
14 Power ACT English13-2 약 44분
15 Power ACT English13-3 약 39분
16 Power ACT English14 약 12분
17 Power ACT English15 약 21분
18 Power ACT English16 약 19분
19 Power ACT English17-1 약 36분
20 Power ACT English17-2 약 47분
21 Power ACT English18-1 약 41분
22 Power ACT English18-2 약 41분
23 Power ACT English19 약 18분
24 Power ACT English20 약 19분
25 Power ACT English21 약 37분
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