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AP Chemistry
AP Chem Lecture 1-30
  판매가격 :   375,000원
  강의상태 :    

Textbook (교재)
AP Chemistry: This tutorial goes over the standard syllabus for an AP level Chemistry class, giving a thorough review of the major points of chemistry and giving insider training on how to approach the AP Exam. Heavily suggested for students who would like a head-start to their AP chemistry classes or who need guided assistance outside of their school.
- Text: Barron’s AP Chemistry


Emily Silverman
Current: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine ‘14
Education: History of Art and Architecture, Brown University
Info: Emily Silverman is a History of Art and Architecture concentrator and pre-med student at Brown University. Before entering medical school in 2010, she will be taking a gap year to do clinical research at Christian Medical College in Vellore, India. Having taken classes in film at Brown, Columbia, and the University of Barcelona, she hopes to incorporate her interests in visual arts and documentary into her medical career.

번호 제목 시간 설명 SAMPLE 강의보기
1 AP Chemistry 1/30 약 32분
2 AP Chemistry 2/30 약 37분
3 AP Chemistry 3/30 약 35분
4 AP Chemistry 4/30 약 34분
5 AP Chemistry 5/30 약 33분
6 AP Chemistry 6/30 약 36분
7 AP Chemistry 7/30 약 38분
8 AP Chemistry 8/30 약 24분
9 AP Chemistry 9/30 약 30분
10 AP Chemistry 10/30 약 34분
11 AP Chemistry 11/30 약 41분
12 AP Chemistry 12/30 약 40분
13 AP Chemistry 13/30 약 42분
14 AP Chemistry 14/30 약 35분
15 AP Chemistry 15/30 약 42분
16 AP Chemistry 16/30 약 41분
17 AP Chemistry 17/30 약 33분
18 AP Chemistry 18/30 약 46분
19 AP Chemistry 19/30 약 49분
20 AP Chemistry 20/30 약 41분
21 AP Chemistry 21/30 약 32분
22 AP Chemistry 22/30 약 33분
23 AP Chemistry 23/30 약 30분
24 AP Chemistry 24/30 약 36분
25 AP Chemistry 25/30 약 27분
26 AP Chemistry 26/30 약 30분
27 AP Chemistry 27/30 약 34분
28 AP Chemistry 28/30 약 29분
29 AP Chemistry 29/30 약 30분
30 AP Chemistry 30/30 약 16분
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